Social Committee News

Meeting opened at 1pm.  Only two board members present Natalia Delfino (acting president) and
Pam Massetti (acting Vice-President).  Rick Musso has resigned.  Mrya has chose not to attend meeting and may resign too.  Val Hengst volunteered to be secretary and Margaret Lee Dentier volunteered to be acting treasurer.
Pam announced that the social club donated $500 to Katie Kids.  Not able to have them due to Covid situation.
No secretary report from last meeting.  Denise has moved away.  
Treasurer report:  $827.29 in checking, $7419.92 in savings (in which $2000 is set aside for Bingo Fund)
Motion by Carole Davis to accept treasure report, Anita Stella seconded it .  Ask Rick Musso to check account balance.  He is waiting for an appointment with bank so he can do this.   3opposed and the rest in favor.  The motion was accepted.
New Business:  Lillie has volunteered for organizing a Bingo committee.   She will report back at next meeting as to status of having Bingo etc.  Margaret Lee is still doing decorating .
The Good Stuff Band is booked for a dance on Sat March 20th at 2pm.  Not sure if it will be inside or outside in pool area.  Pam mentioned that we need to spend money in our account.  She checked with Sonny BBQ and we could have a catered meal before dance that the social club would pay for it .  The price would be $16.99/person.  After much discussion on pros and cons of having a meal a motion was made by Rita Beaulieu to forgo the meal and bring our own snacks.  It was seconded by Joan Edler.    Motion passed.
Earl Eaton made a motion to have a committee to find a way spend some of the money in the account for something around the park.  Cindy Suemnick seconded.  The motion was carried. Gregg Ahrens volunteered to form a committee to do that. (looking at possibly making a top or cover for grill now that it is moved.  
Pam said we still need volunteers to chair other committees.  Not sure when club house  will open.  Dean Bowen stated the two boards need to meet to set up a protocol etc for when the club house and activities can start up.
Cindy Suemnick  motioned to adjourn.  Seconded by Cathy DeFendis.  All in favor.