Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Center Crest and the Center Crest website.

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  • chevron_rightWhy does a classified ad cost $10? That is more than I am asking for my item.
    If you are willing to pay the $10 fee you can post almost anything, but the $10 fee is there to prevent the site from being used to sell a lot of low cost items and overwhelming the volunteer administrators with work. It is expected that the $10 fee will result in less postings, but postings for higher value items such as cars, golf carts, motor homes, utility trailers, etc. The fees for the classifieds can be reviewed in the future, but we do not want the community website turned into an auction site. There are other sites that were designed specifically for the purpose of selling things on the internet.
Online Payments
  • chevron_rightWhat is the deal with the fees for online payments.
      You can make online payments thru the website for various services, events and for your dues. We are currently only accepting credit card payments.
      Although the payments are initiated on the Center Crest RV Park website, they are processed through "Wepay", a payment processing service owned by JPMorgan Chase.
      Each payment processed by WePay that uses a Credit Card payment method will incur fees of 2.8% of the transaction plus 30 cents per transaction. 
         Example 1 - If you were paying dues of $636.00 with a credit card the processing fees would be $18.11. 
         Example 2 - If you were paying $20.00 for a 6-month "For Rent" listing the credit cards fees would be 86 cents. 
    A table of various payments with incurred fees can be found here. While this document lists ACH (bank transfers) we are currently only accepting credit cards.
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